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Apply the "Calendar event Booking" add-on for hotel reservation


Report Issue - CEB add-on

If you meet any error when using or configuring the add-on, please place it via the comment form. The team and the users will try to solve it.

Event's label custom format

Please post your pattern via comment form, we and other users will be trying to support.

New booking notes

This step helps you add more registrant information at the end of the event description. This makes it easier for you and your subscribers to get more information. But since all of the event guests will be able to read the description, note their sensitive information to each other.

Add attendee using the email address

For this add-on to work, your form must include a customer's email field. And this step is for you to enter where that email field is. The add-on will add users to the event of their choice and send them invitations to emails retrieved from this setup step.

Load events for booking until

It's like the deadline letter (how long before) for an event to accept guest bookings (the event will be uploaded to the form). If this condition is not met, then the event, even if it is empty, cannot be loaded into the form.

Set the maximum number of loaded events

This is the maximum number of events that the add-on will load into the form to the subscriber. The moderate number helps users still easily choose the appropriate slot and also helps your events to have a higher level of fill.

Sync the events into a drop-down

The events of the selected calendar will be synchronized into the form via only one component type, the drop-down list. So if you want your customers to be able to select and book an event in the calendar, your form must have at least one drop-down list.

Event's label format

Events from your Calendar will be displayed as options for the drop-down list of the form that has been set. This step helps you set up the format so that events can be distinguished from each other so that your customers can easily identify them to choose from. You can study more formats in many languages here

Select the Calendar

You can only choose the calendar that you created yourself, the events of this calendar will be synchronized into a drop-down list component of the form, through which your customers can select and register the appropriate event.

Add booking credits - CEB add-on

Now it's hard for you to spend more than $ 5 on scheduling your clients. Try comparing the use of add-ons to hiring a secretary. If you are a secretary, no one will prevent you from using this add-on.

Hot: Free Campaign

The Campaign offers you an unlimited daily booking quota, totally free . It also helps us open the user community more rapidly. Just copy and paste the following text into the form’s dropdown description (see picture 1). That’s all! Powerred by Calendar event Booking: Then reload the add-on interface and check if the “FREE CAMPAIGN” text’s color is green (successful) or not (see picture 2). Picture 1. Copy and paste sponsor text as form dropdown’s description to enable “Free Campaign” Picture 2. The “FREE CAMPAIGN” is green then the CEB add-on will run free and unlimited